The Sacral Chakra Candle Essential Oils with Corresponding Crystals (Orange)

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Product Overview

  • Handmade item
  • Height: 4 Inches
  • Materials: beeswax, essential oils
  • Refills are available. The candle will burn out clean. Simply drop in a refill and it will flow out and fill the candle to make it look and smell like brand new.
  • Gift wrapping and message available

Product Description

This candle is part of our chakra series, and is not only beautiful but also therapeutic (see Product Features below and see if you notice any of the given symptoms). 

Each one is made fresh to order -- so, in a sense, you will be owning a piece of fine art: created in a studio, and driven by inspiration, each candle is truly unique. However, all Orange chakra candles will have natural accents, exclusive of detail (as shown), natural crystals, and have long-lasting, all-penetrating aroma that even your neighbors may be able to smell.

- Made of only natural ingredients, starting with the clay itself.
(Rest assured that no unwelcome chemicals would ever be released in the air. So, if you tend to get headaches from Glade, and similar conventional scents, as I do, this may be your answer. Sure never fails for me)
- An enchanting scent, created in an apothecary that is almost addicting
- Beeswax is a natural air purifies and ionizer, and the scents are created by blending 100% pure essential oils, and nothing else.
- Scents are blended by an aromatherapy healing artist to address imbalances in the Solar Plexus chakra. These imbalances often manifest themselves in the following symptoms:
  • Lack of creativity.
  • Repetitive dysfunctional relationships
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Lack of sexual appetite or unpleasant sexual intercourse.
  • Emotional confusion.
  • You feel unimportant.
  • You think nobody loves you.
  • Painful menstrual cramps
  • Prostate problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Constipation that can last for days

Not that the scent in itself is a cure all -- but it's a wonderful catalyst when used in combination with other therapies and efforts, increasing results in some cases as much as 500%.

And you know what else? When you have these problems, you can often simply take a pill. But when someone around you has these problems, they often are in denial. The scent works wonders when you cannot get them to swallow a capsule.

So, our candles are made from raw harvested beeswax and scented with 100% pure essential oils, then accentuated with crystals to enhance the therapeutic effect. Each color is designed to balance each specific energy and thus address a specific condition.

We use ONLY from the ingredients sourced from nature: clay, raw harvested beeswax, vegetable oil, tree branches, rocks, etc. NOTHING artificial or chemical. NOTHING. 

Here is some more information on chakras, in case you're not familiar:

• Chakra candles combine color therapy with aromatherapy and are a great way to enhance energy healing sessions and meditations. The color and fragrance blend of each candle is designed to enhance specific healing energies. The seven chakras are; Root(red), Sacral(orange), Essential Oils(Orange), Heart (Green), Throat(blue), Third eye(Indigo) and the Crown (Purple). Please check our store for diverse applications in different colors!
• Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. They are a system of seven primary energy centers located along the spine. Each chakra corresponds to specific regions of the body and different emotional and behavioral characteristics. The seven primary chakras are also associated with specific colors and symbols. Each chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths. When we have a physical issue, it creates weaknesses in our emotional behavior. When we release the stale energy from the body, it can undo any tightness, stiffness, or malfunction of that area.

♥♥♥ Related facts:: ♥♥♥
• The sacral chakra is located at about three inches below the navel, at the center of the lower belly.
• Cures overdependence on pleasure providing objects and sexual obsessions
• Treats numbness-lack of sexual desire and satisfaction.
• The corresponding crystals are: Citrine, Carnelian, Moonstone and Coral
• Carnelian helps to detoxify and purify the body from bad habits such as alcohol or drugs
• Moonstone can stabilize female cycles.
• The essential oils are Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Ginger, Clary Sage, Fennel, Cardamom

About 6" in total diameter
3' - 4" tall
1/2 cup capacity