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System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss Program -- EXCLUSIVE OFFER

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 Your first month is $1 ONLY, and includes FULL BENEFITS  of the program:

  • Online Social Learning Class setting with hands on or viewer participation (your choice at any time)
  • Live Support Group where you can chat with other members AND ask the coach your questions
  • Weekly live Zoom meetings (with recording available)

This program is based on Holistic Metabolic Studies, and works by helping you "diagnose" the main triggers of your weight gain and "cure" excessive weight as an imbalance it is.  This means it meets you where you are and will mold itself to your lifestyle, schedules, preferences, tastes, etc. 

Therefore, this is a program that is famous for offering effective weight loss without hunger deprivation, sore muscles, and other self-torture commonly associated with weight loss. 



  • System Minus 45 works with your ENTIRE metabolic situation: not just hormones or ketosis, for example
  • I will meet you where you are, and will walk you, step-by-step towards your results. I will also teach you a system of gradual, small step changes, so that this diet does not conflict with your current lifestyle and commitments.
  • I will never ask you to do something you can't. (For example, intermittent fasting may be very effective, but is eating one meal a day really doable for you right now? You will not find yourself in a similar situation here)
  • In this program we use metabolic tests and assessments to determine the causes of YOUR specific weight gain -- and then we fix them.
  • The program works by establishing and revving up the metabolic processes that are responsible for weight loss. For example, in Step 1, we will start by awakening circadian detox -- aka night time fat burn. This is a process that will make you lose weight during the night: you will weigh yourself at night, and then again in the morning and will see a drop in weight of 2-4 lb. (And we keep actual records in the journal, which we discuss in the group -- so yes, this is real)
  • Recipes and ideas will also be shared


45 lb. in 45 weeks!

This means, if you weigh 200 lb. now, before next summer you will be weighing 155 lb and fitting into your bikini's. 
(There are AVERAGED results: meaning people with underlying health problems (thyroid disorders, diabetes, extremely over-weight may move through the program slower, while others may achieve their results a lot faster)
... and do so without deprivation, cravings, gym membership, hunger and having to give up your favorite foods.
This program is based on the latest, in-depth metabolic studies and Natural Medicine approaches that were conducted and developed by the International Holistic Health Institute. This means that instead of forcing your body (and mind!) into a routine which (thus by default) will require willpower, restrictions and other major changes, I will guide you to understand your body and the processes that take place.
This is a LIVE PROGRAM. It includes:
  • Lessons and coaching sessions aimed at helping you understand the process. You will be provided step-by-step, detailed guidance to achieve your results, with daily weight monitoring (which you will do yourself in the comfort of your home and will not be required to share unless you want to)
  • A support group where you can chat with other members and ask the coach your questions
  • Weekly live SMALL GROUP zoom meetings where we encourage discussion, questions and venting about challenges!


After you join, simply download the free app and click the Start button - the magic will happen from there!




Step 1 - Awaken the Night Time Fat Burn Mechanism: a little known metabolic process that makes you lose weight while you sleep

Step 2 - Fine-tune the NTFBM so that it works all the time -- and start developing practices for not gaining it back

Step 3 - Create an energy arsenal: make sure your body has enough resources to run the metabolic processes needed for weight loss

Step 4 - Establish other metabolic processes that regulate weight loss (for example, the carbo-lipoid cycle which regulates the process of carbs turning into fat or energy in our body), as well as many other processes like that, which are responsible for either weight loss or weight gain.



Step 1 --  Stoke up your fat burning engines (yes, your body some with them -- and I will help you discover what they are)

Step 2 -- Optimize your lifestyle (without changing it!)

Step 3 -- Make your digestion and elimination processes work together to get rid of the extra weight.



Step 1: Adapt a winning mindset that comes with a 100% guarantee that you will NEVER cheat on your diet (guilt be gone!)

Step 2: Put an end to cravings by fixing the metabolic triggers that cause them in the first place

Step 3: Discover the lifestyle that will help you stay slim, have lots of energy and live a lot longer



  • Personal assessment of your current situation and evaluation of the factors that are preventing your weight loss or casing weight gain (including nutritional, health-related, psychological and life situation factors)


  • Holistic and Integrative medicine research/information shared daily: how our bodies work, how to fine-tune your metabolism and set it into the healthy mode of burning fat instead of storing it (which is different in each individual case, by the way), what part your hormones and other health conditions play, etc.


  • Weekly LIVE sessions with the coach. (Ever wished you could ask all those gurus your direct questions? You've got it here)


  • Access to diagnostic and assessment tests (Metabolic rate, Metabolism type, Underlying Health issues, Nutrients Lacking in your Diet, Toxicity, etc.)

 A unique part of this program--and its main "side effect" is... vibrant health.  The way we look is directly connected to how we feel (in case you haven't noticed) -- and this connection goes a lot deeper than most most people realize. By trying to improve the way you look, you will be fixing a lot of underlying health, emotional and situational problems -- so this method is indeed holistic and natural.   

And another unique part:  instead of battling yourself (trying to deny yourself the foods that you've enjoyed all your life or killing your muscles at the gym, you will be battling the hostile elements that stand in your way of being the beautiful, healthy unique human being that God and Nature want us ALL to be.


You will learn:

  • How our metabolism works and how to harness these processes to your benefit
  • How to listen to your body and work with it, not against it
  • How to evaluate ANY diet and know if it will work for you or not, before you invest your time, money and commitment. You will also be able to make a pretty certain call on what is likely just a new fad and a gimmick and what actually may make sense (Not that you'll need any other diet after this one -- but its good to have this advantage)

You will be able to:

  • Dial in the metabolic processes that will keep you both slim and healthy -- and then just let them work on auto-pilot, as you get on with your life
  • Lose weight ("finally", for many!) without using your willpower
  • Be done (for good) with cravings, bloating, and brain fog
  • Feel better and look younger (not just thinner)
  • Know with certainty what to do in order to lose weight (no "results may vary" here) 

You will:

  • Eliminate frustration from your weigh loss process and actually enjoy your life instead of hate it, before you even reach your goals
  • Have more energy and clearer  focus
  • Accomplish more in your life (due to the above)
  • Likely overcome some health issues that you're currently struggling with: sore joints, bad back, blood sugar issues, etc.
  • Heck - lose weight, for crying out loud. And keep it off.



  • Information to help you understand yourself (and what is going on in your body) better: why you may not have been able to lose weight, what is causing you to have low energy, what is causing your cravings and what to do about it, and so on.
  • Weekly live meetings for you to ask questions and have a discussion with the coach
  • Metabolic tests to help you understand your body and dial in possible issues. (These are offered at an extra charge, since everyone is going to need different tests, and a different number of them)
  • Videos explaining little known issues that are either success busters or useful shortcuts to your weight loss goals
  • Little knows tools that will help you reach your goals faster and without "pain and suffering".
  • A personalized approach, that will take YOUR situation into consideration: I will help you build your own, step-by-step action plan toward the goals that you define (and help you define them as well, if need be) -- AND bust through the obstacles on the way.

I am a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and a Holistic Practitioner, and I created this program to help people that I work with double or triple their results. I am a very practical person -- it's not about the process for me, it's about getting the result that you want. 

We shall be victorious!
Your first month is $1 ONLY.
$39.99 monthly thereafter
Cancel any time with one click (the instructions will be provided)