Skin Firming/Glow Skin Oil

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A mix of freshly cold pressed oils of sea buckthorn and rose buds (rose hip oil). Rich in vitamins C, A, and K these oils naturally stimulate collagen production, giving your skin a healthy glow already with the first application. They will also moisturize your skin, and the increased production of collagen helps firm up the areas that start getting saggy, as well as eliminate tiny wrinkles. 

One warning: I do not add any thickening ingredients. As much as I would love to mix in petroleum gel and present you with a “creamy and smooth” lotion – my beliefs and principals have the upper hand here. Mostly ALL skin care lotions (yes, even brand names and those that are advertised as “organic”) use some form of a chemical thickener. Yes, they may be “paraben- free”, but they are not chemical free: look at the ingredient list, and you will see names that you did not know existed. Neither did your skin. Pardon the rant: but every chemical that you put on your face will turn into a wrinkle or a dimple later because of skin intoxication. (I explain more about it in my 10 Years Younger in 2 Months Anti Aging challenge – please join us for more info). But anyway: since oil and water do not mix, there is nothing that you can thicken this mixture with without compromising its healing properties and altering the formula. So, it’s runny. Treat it accordingly (protect your clothes, use in small portions). This little bit of effort will go a long way when it comes to long lasting results in how you look.