Self Help Program for Dealing with Problems in Your Marriage

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This program is part of Alternative Counseling approach. Our goal is to help you stay in your marriage – after fixing and resolving the elements that make it an unhappy and possibly even abusive situation. If your goal is to leave, this program may still be beneficial -- just be advised that (unlike mainstream psychology) we do not encourage victim mentality, and we do not teach that the only way of dealing with a difficult relationship is to end it and find something better. If you are looking for these mainstream approaches you may find a regular, state-approved counseling program more suitable. This program is not endorsed (or dis-indorsed) by any government authority – this is an independent program, based on alternative methods and approaches.

This program consists of:

  • Self Study materials which you will need to purchase separately, and read on your own.
  • Facebook group support membership, where you will be able to discuss what you read, ask questions, and exchange experiences with the people who have gone through similar challenges in their relationships. Mentors monitor the group on a regular basis and will be available to answer your questions as well.

This program is less expensive alternative to counseling: you get the benefit of trained support, have the option to ask questions pertinent to your own unique situation, the ability to evaluate what is going on in your relationship and learn techniques to deal with the negative elements successfully.