Relationship X: INTRODUCTION (Diagnosis and What to do) --. 2 WEEK COACHING MODULE

Relationship X: INTRODUCTION (Diagnosis and What to do) --. 2 WEEK COACHING MODULE

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In this package we address Relationship X dynamics, diagnostics – and the initial roadmap to a solution, in asynchronous coaching format.

The mysterious Relationship X! It never lacks passion… but it feels odd. Different. There is this feeling that there is something wrong – but you cannot really define what it is --and who’s fault is. You feel confused. Unsure. On an emotional rollercoaster. And STRESS. Oh, that stress -- there is always a lot of stress, a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of doubts.

Let’s end the confusion and untangle this yarn nest!

Coaching duration: 2 weeks  This is an asynchronous form of coaching: there will be no appointments to keep (unless you select the PLUS option and choose to attend), and you are always in charge of your session. Learn more about the process here.

*Bioenergetic medicine is considered an alternative, holistic approach


This package includes:


  • The initial assessment (online test)
  • Relationship X diagnostics Test (online test)
  • 2 weeks of group coaching
  • Additional reading and videos

▶️ You will be added to a group, where the coach(es) will work with your situation directly, answer your questions, share additional information in the form of articles, videos, assignments (journals, excercises, etc.) advice and so on  -- with the goal of reaching the outcome that you specify you desire in the initial assessment.

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  • All of the above
  • 1 live virtual Round Table Discussion (aka zoom/teams meeting): no one is ever muted, and speaking up is not only allowed, but encouraged. We always keep the number of participants low in order to make this discussion possible. 1 hr. duration. The recording will be shared regardless of whether you attend or not, and questions that you want answered can be submitted in advance.
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In this module we will cover the diagnostics of your relationship (what is going on) and create the initial Roadmap (what to do, specifically) for each individual situation:

  • Could the excessive amount of stress that you experience in your relationship mean that you indeed are in a Relationship X situation? (And how you define “excessive” here)
  • What is Relationship X, why it is dangerous and how to tell if this is something you need to worry about
  • IF this is a Relationship X, how do you deal with this situation, then?
  • …From saving the relationship and repairing its dynamics, to…
  • …Leaving safely and un-hurt, to…
  • …Stopping verbal abuse, to…
  • …Simply resolving stress and confusion –

All this will depend on your individual situation.


 After you complete the checkout, you will be given a link to the module.(It will also be emailed to you). Click it, and on the intro page there will be two tasks for you:

  • Download the app which we will be using for our communication
  • Take the initial intake assessment, which will help me to get to know you and your situation a little better – and it will also help you to organize your thoughts about your situation a little better as well. (Many people start getting solution clues and ideas on what to do just by taking this test). In that intake, I will also ask you what result you would like to achieve by taking the module (a specific change in your life, a specific thing that you would like to correct in yourself or your situation, etc.) – this specific result will be our goal for the therapy/coaching.
  • You will also be able to take a diagnostic test, which will help you assess your situation for Relationship X dynamics and determine if you're in one.
  • There will be a couple introductory videos for you to watch to help you understand things a bit better as well. Again, many clients have reported a few light bulb moments and feeling like they start seeing light at the end of the tunnel from doing just that
  • As you watch the videos, check that information against your situation. Some of your questions may get answered by watching the videos, as I mentioned above, but some won’t. Write them down. Also, keep writing down new questions that the videos will trigger.


Then, every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, a new chat group will open, and I will send you the link for yours in the Telegram app. Based on the information that you will give me in your intake, I will assign each person to a group where the participants will have something in common: this will help us create synergy of each of us benefiting from each other’s experiences, and will help me give you the information and guidance that is spot on for your situation.


And then we will start our live coaching session. The best way I can describe the format, is have you think of a Facebook group: you will ask questions and me and my assistant will respond, and I will also share the information needed. If you sign up for the Plus option, there will be weekly virtual (Zoom, Teams or similar) discussions (I emphasize DISCUSSIONS, as opposed to webinars where the participants are often muted throughout the entire duration), and the recording will be available whether you attend or not. For the Basic option, our communication will be simply via chat.


Here is what is included:

  • I will record short videos where I will answer your questions or give you guidance
  • Many of your questions will be answered directly in the chat
  • Your input in terms of sharing your experiences with me and other members and participation in the discussion is strongly encouraged
  • I will also share other reading/watching materials which I feel are pertinent to your situation.
  • We will do some exercises: journals, situation analysis worksheets and affirmative meditations (self-soothing techniques fall into this category)
  • I will be giving you some homework, which we will subsequently go over in the group.


🟢Our goal in this module is to get to the bottom of what is going on in your specific situation and offer you a solution to fix what needs to be fixed.

Some of the issues you will often be able to correct during the two-week therapy session. But of course not every issue can be fixed in two weeks – some are more complex. However, you will walk away with a step-by-step roadmap on what needs to be done – and many people are often able to take it from there on their own.

 Please keep in mind:

  • As discussed above, this is, a group form of coaching. If you’re not comfortable to potentially sharing your information (such as assessment results, the discussion of your personal situation, etc.) with other people, please consider PRIVATE FORMS of coaching instead:
    Face to Face (Remote)


  • Although many additional assets are shared free of charge, just like in any therapy situation, sometimes further referrals are necessary. (Just like your medical doctor may send you for a CAT scan which is outside of the appointment scope, in the like manner I may recommend other things that I feel could be useful to your situation outside of the scope described above). These are always optional, however.