Overcoming Guilt  -  5 DAY WORKSHOP

Overcoming Guilt - 5 DAY WORKSHOP

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Guilt vs Conscience: Resolving doubts about your opinions, decisions, and needs

Some people think they are always right… on the flip side, some of us can’t shake off the feeling that they are always wrong. (For the record: how we are being treated in our relationships is a huge contributing factor here -- but more on this in the module)

Are you often filled with self-doubt and wondering if what you chose to do was actually the best thing? Do you feel overwhelmed by guilt and unable to free yourself from destructive emotions?

Imagine living with newfound confidence, surrounded by a sense of self-belief: not just trying to convince yourself that you’re right, but actually feeling 100% comfortable with your choices and decisions? (And no one can tell you otherwise: you will see right through it!) Visualize what life would look like with clarity and freedom from inner turmoil.


▶️This is a LIVE ASYNCHRONOS LIFE COACHING WORKSHOP SESSION: an actual dialogue with the coach via a messaging app, COMPLETE WITH YOUR SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS, exercises and additional tools as needed. Workshop duration is 5 days. (Learn more about how it works)
There are usually two coaches present (myself and my colleague) and the duration of the chat dialog is 5 days
We will start with a discussion where we will share some very important insights and then answer any questions that you may have. We will then proceed to working with the specific issues of each of the group participants. We also often share additional articles, videos, exercises, meditations and other tools and materials if the coach sees that this would be helpful.

 *Bioenergetic medicine is considered an alternative, holistic approach


This Regaining Self Confidence Life Coaching module offers a complete plan for taking the first steps towards living without feelings of guilt, inadequacy and insecurity. Learn to conquer those self-destructive feelings and enable yourself to move forward and lead a happier, more meaningful life.

Struggling with your self-confidence can be an incredibly isolating and damaging experience. The more you second-guess yourself and compare your success to others, the more likely it is that your inner monologue will become increasingly toxic.

What if instead of having an internal dialogue full of self-criticism, you could be your own biggest cheerleader and champion? Envision how liberating it would be to approach challenges with enthusiasm and excitement, instead of guilt and doubt.

Resolving your doubles about guilt (is this an unwarranted guilt-trip or maybe you were objectively in the wrong?) is the perfect way to build and foster that assurance. With a mix of insightful exercises and some inspirational content, you'll learn the necessary skills to develop the self-belief you need to excel in life.

Here is what the coaching process is going to look like:

 After you complete the checkout, you will be given a link to the workshop. (It will also be emailed to you). Click it, and on the intro page there will be two tasks for you:

  • Download the app which we will be using for our communication
  • Take the initial intake assessment, which will help me to get to know you and your situation a little better – and it will also help you to organize your thoughts about your situation a little better as well. (Many people start getting solution clues and ideas on what to do just by taking this test). In that intake, I will also ask you what result you would like to achieve by taking the workshop (a specific change in your life, a specific thing that you would like to correct in yourself or your situation, etc.) – this specific result will be our goal for the therapy/coaching.


Then, live chat- based workshops start every Monday, and will continue for 5 days. (I will send you the link for yours in the Telegram app.) Based on the information that you will give me in your intake, I will assign each person to a group where the participants will have something in common: this will help us create synergy of each of us benefiting from each other’s experiences, and will help me give you the information and guidance that is spot on for your situation.


Here is what is included:

🟢The coach(es) will record short videos where we will answer your questions or give you guidance

🟢Many of your questions will be answered directly in the chat

🟢Your input in terms of sharing your experiences with me and other members and participation in the discussion is strongly encouraged

🟢We will also share other reading/watching materials which I feel are pertinent to your situation.

🟢We will be giving you some homework, which we will subsequently go over in the group. Depending on the nature of your objective and questions, these may be journals, exercises, meditations, and so on.


▶️Our goal in this workshop is to get to the bottom of what is going on in your specific situation and offer you a solution to fix what needs to be fixed.


▶️ You will walk away with complete understanding of what is going on, why and -- especially - what to do about it(Yes, this is a promise! GUILT BE GONE!)