Pine Buds/ Pinus

Pine Buds/ Pinus

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Description. The composition of pine buds includes essential oils, resins, tannins, vitamin C, vitamin K; vitamin B12; phytoncides; bitterness; alkaloids; lipids; carotene. A decoction of pine buds has an expectorant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Pine buds also have diuretic and choleretic properties, similar to other plants containing essential oils. The benefits of pine buds for human health consist in a number of properties and functions, including wound healing; fighting against inflammatory processes; disinfection of the skin and mucous membranes; destruction of viruses and bacteria; relief of sputum discharge; as a diuretic (fighting edema); choleretic; elimination of spasms; pain reduction; general disinfection; enhancing the action of antibiotics.


Use. Official medicine recommends a decoction of pine buds as an expectorant and bactericidal agent in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract (both acute and chronic forms). In traditional medicine, the use of pine buds is much wider. Their infusions and decoctions treat cough, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis. Decoctions are also taken orally in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, inflammation of the gallbladder, rheumatism and gout. Externally, decoctions of pine buds are used for therapeutic baths to treat skin diseases, rheumatism. It also as a sedative to fight stress, neurosis, and insomnia. In addition, a decoction of pine buds is used for inhalation for inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, for inhalation and rinsing in the cases of acute tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis. Additionally, pine buds can be helpful in losing weight. The essential oils included in their composition can reduce appetite. To support weight loss, you can simply eat 2-3 pieces a few minutes before the main meal. The specific taste of the pine buds contributes to a more successful curbing of hunger, while the body receives nutrients. Thus, weight lossprogresses without the need to go on special diets.