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One month pass to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Life Coaching

One month pass to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Life Coaching

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One month pass, full benefits.
Use at any time.

This program is designed to help you get your life back by beating stress, overcoming the feelings of always being overwhelmed, confused, or depressed, and becoming a happy, clear-minded, "together" person who's got it all under control.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, upon completing this program you do not feel that you have not made any progress on the way towards achieving these goals, I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

This is live, personalized program with a Certified Analytical Science of Emotions Coach

For full description, visit Main (un-discounted) program

During this first month you will have FULL ACCESS to all the features of the program, including individual testing at no charge and live coaching sessions.

In the first month, we will do the initial testing (free to the participants), pinpoint the main points that need to be addressed, create a roadmap and start implementing the winning techniques towards resolution.

We address stress- related problems from a holistic standpoint: for some, the main reason for stress and anxiety may be the state of their current relationships (with a partner, ex-partner, parents, children or simply other people in their lives). For some, it may be the scars of past trauma that remain unresolved, for some -- mental and emotional blockages impeding their productivity and performance. For some -- all of the above. The initial testing will determine where YOU are at.

I create small groups, so that your challenges can be addressed directly, in an individual manner.

Once you join, bookmark the Starting Point page: it will not expire.

When you feel ready,
click the "Let's Go button"
and start your journey to a life of feeling and being together, happy, and in control.

After you join us, you will take a broad, high level personality test which will help me to get to know you a little better, and give me an insight into your personality and possible state of mind. Based on the results of this test, I will then assign you to a group -- so you will be among like-minded people who share similar struggles.

Please note that I review the tests and form the groups each Friday morning. Thus, you live coaching will start on Monday following the week when you take the initial test.

The membership page, to which you will be re-directed after purchase, does not expire either. Thus, if you're not ready to start the program quite yet, you can simply bookmark that link and start whenever you're ready. No gimmicks here: this is simply my grand-opening promotion at this time when I am launching this program.

To launch the program: take the test, download the app that we are using and click the start button (either on the membership page or in the email that you will receive after completing the test)

If after the first month you would like to continue and work on additional challenges, you will have the option to purchase additional time at a discounted price at that time as well, in honor of this promotion.