Natural Herbal Remedy Cold and Flu, Aromatherapy,Trendy Concrete

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Natural Alternative Remedy -- An Aromatherapy Candle that helps fight cold and flu, in a trendy concrete holder.

Product Features:

  • A time tested Native American Remedy
  • Presented in a trendy concrete holder. 
  • Dispenses a potent blend of essential oils
  • Has been shown effective in 92 - 98% of test cases
  • No added chemical ingredients – 100% natural

A time tested and proven Native American Remedy, presented in a trendy concrete holder.

Arguably, an aromatherapy candle is the best vehicle in delivering cold and flu protection and treatment.

Because these are airborne pathogens, and the candle medicine works by inhalation, it helps zap the germs in the air before they even have a chance to get to your skin, nasal passages, and mucous membranes. (Other remedies are abundant, but their action might be too late in many cases.)

😊 All-natural candle,  beeswax, and virgin coconut oil blend fill with optional organic version (no phthalates, carcinogens, or chemical fumes. Paraffin-free)

😊 Scented with a healing aromatherapy blend of 100% pure, steam distilled essential oils (Please see the Active Ingredients tab for details)

😊 Burns clean smells amazing and lasts forever (approximately 72 hours)

😊 Beautiful, decorative, and personal

😊 Individually handmade– and works like a charm!


This candle is scented with a therapeutic blend of pure, steam distilled essential oils. This blend is put together by a certified aromatherapy practitioner and has been shown to kill 98% of the flu virus and 96% of staph bacteria in independent laboratory studies.

In our personal experience, burning the anti-flu candle in a dorm room during a flu epidemic has kept its inhabitants from getting sick, despite the fact that everyone around was catching the flu.


  • Tea Tree oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Echinacea and Golden Seal extract
  • Calendula extract

For best results, place the candle in the kitchen or your living room. Or, buy several and scatter them around the house.

😊 Why and How it works?

Each of these candles is a small work of art (individually hand-made and unique) and THEY ARE ALSO THERAPEUTIC:

  1. These candles are filled with a plant-derived wax blend (see the Ingredients tab) and scented with nothing but 100% pure essential oils – no phthalates, no fumes, paraffin-free… meaning no smell-induced headaches, only the therapeutic benefits of the oil blends as specified (see the Highlights and Benefits tab).
  2. The wax blend is designed to preserve and evenly disperse essential oils, without compromising their potency. The blend consists of powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs and also contains ionized colloidal silver which is also a powerful antiseptic.