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Motherwort Herb/ Leonurus Cardiaca

Motherwort Herb/ Leonurus Cardiaca

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Description. Motherwort herb has been popular in China and India for centuries. Glycosides, essential oil, tannins, bitter, sugary substances, saponins, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, and vitamin A were found in the herb. It has been experimentally proven that the plant is non-toxic and its remedies have a calming effect on the central nervous system, slow down the heart rate, increase the strength of heart contractions and lower blood pressure. The herb possesses hypotensive and sedative properties. Motherwort preparations are widely used as a means of regulating the functional state of the central nervous system. In Indian medicine, it is used as a diaphoretic and gastric remedy. In Chinese medicine, it is used as a hemostatic agent in such conditions as uterine bleeding and endometritis – it is an antihypertensive, it improves blood circulation, and acts as a stimulant. A decoction of the plant weakens the action of adrenaline on the vessels. The herb and seeds are applied externally for certain skin diseases. Climacteric phenomena caused by unrest and a state of fear with a strong heartbeat, especially when lying down, with anxiety and shortness of breath, are the main signs indicating that you need to use this plant. Flatulence and gastrointestinal diseases are also treated well by the herb.

Use. It is used as a sedative, replacing valerian roots and providing an even stronger effect. An infusion of leaves and flowering tops of motherwort has been used to treat cardiovascular neurosis, hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiosclerosis, myocarditis, heart defects, and Graves' disease. Depending on the disease, motherwort is used in different ways and forms. For the treatment of diseases of the nervous system and heart disease, doctors recommend taking warm baths with herbal infusion. To alleviate the symptoms of diseases of the internal organs and intestines, a decoction should be taken orally. Alcohol tinctures help to quickly eliminate the symptoms of tachycardia and restore normal heart rhythm. To prepare a decoction, pour two tablespoons of the substance into 500 mg of hot water. Let the product brew for several hours. Take a drink in half a glass 3 times a day before meals.