Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Win-Your-Own-Self-Back Program. 2 week Intro.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Win-Your-Own-Self-Back Program. 2 week Intro.

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FUG is a toxic FOG that has been slowly trying to take over our lives. It's time to fight back!



This is a live, personalized program, lead by a Certified Analytical Science of Emotions Coach 

This program is designed to help you get your life back by beating stress, overcoming the feelings of always being overwhelmed, confused, or depressed, and becoming a happy, clear-minded, "together" person who's got it all under control.

This is the place to turn when you want results -- FAST!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, upon completing this program you do not feel that you have not made any progress on the way towards achieving these goals, I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

The goal of this program is to help you overcome stress and anxiety using in-depth, holistic approaches of Analytical Psychology and Mindfulness-based positive mindset techniques. But there is nothing "spiritual" about it -- all techniques are strictly science based.


Mainstream coaches usually start with a question: "What can I do to help you?"

The problem with this question is that most of us don't know the answer to it. All we know is that "something's gotta give" -- but we cannot define what that "something" is -- let alone what a professional should do to resolve it. All we know is that we are stressed, depressed, confused, overwhelmed (or, at the very least, not as productive as we should be) -- but we have no idea why, and no clue what to do about it. If we did, we would not be seeking a coach.

Let's start with self-discovery!

So, in this program, we will start with in-depth testing and techniques to help you sort through what is going on and come to understand yourself and the chain of circumstances around you -- down to common sense, no doubt level, which will leave no uncertainties or hesitation. Then, we'll create a plan of attack that is right for YOU (it will be different for everyone). Then, I will give you the tools and techniques to address the issues.

You will set your goals, and I will help you make them a reality. We will work through your challenges until they are resolved.

Examples of common goals:
  • Improve how I am being treated in my current relationship / Resolve relationship-related stress
  • Learn to stop overthinking and get un-overwhelmed
  • Get more productive on a daily basis and stop feeling like a loser every time I undertake something
  • Put an end to always being taken advantage of and never having functional, supportive people around...
... whatever may be causing you stress right now is going to be determined in the initial stage.



  • Understand the dynamics and processes of our interactions in today's world (I submit that we have been fed a lot of "cure" without anyone ever giving us the "diagnosis". Let's start with that)
  • Access your individual situation (As opposed to the mainstream advice that is bases on what "works for the statistical majority")
  • Define the areas that need work (Many life coaches will ask us to share our "problems" and define where we need help. Do we always know? Most of us have this feeling that something is wrong -- or needs to be better, but we cannot put our finger on what it is. Well - now you'll know
  • Create a roadmap
  • Address the specific challenges (Regaining control may mean improving their self-organization for some and resolving nearly-abusive relationship for others. Let's talk about what YOU are being faced with)
  • Learn the right tools (This is where the "HOW" comes in with accomplishing what you want. I will share the needed information, approaches, tactics and strategies)


This program includes: 

- Testing
Psychological tests to determine the root of the issues: from serious (such as depression) to seemingly trivial (for example, being always late) -- and everything in between

- A support group to discuss issues between each other and with the coach

- Live individual advice: everyone will get attention from the coach and will have the opportunity to get their needs addressed

-Holistic therapies to help you  re-balance your mind and emotions and heal past trauma
We use non-invasive forms of self-soothing, self-talk and self-balance -- as well as advanced counseling approaches based on brain chemistry research

- Action items: the tools to help you overcome the current issues and achieve success:

  • - Guided discussion of the issues to help you determine the problem and talk it out
  • - Mind worksheets: a tool that you will use to work through the existing problems and get to their root
  • - Self-talk guides: "honest conversations with your subconscious mind" to talk it through towards a functional solution
  • - Psychological tests to determine the "why's" in what's happening with you and your environment
  • - Guided exercises to work through the issues and resolve them
  • - Other tools to help put and keep your mind and body in balance (health in general)
  • Herbal supplements, if needed (recommended separately)

- 🔥🔥Weekly live Zoom meeting with the coach🔥🔥

Unique part of this program: instead of giving you a random mix of tips and tricks (most of which you usually already know, in those cases), we are going to take a very defined,  warrior mindset approach of helping you create a system for uncovering and putting to work your inner potential and eliminating the hostile elements that stand in the way.  

  • This is a live coaching program designed to help you learn more about the issue of your choice -- and SOLVE it. 
  • You will become a member of a private social group, and I will walk you through the steps towards your goal (we will make a plan of action and then work together to get you AMAZING results)


Download the starter booklet and click the "Let's Go button" --
and start your journey to a life of feeling and being happier, healthier, and with more control over what is going on in your life

(The booklet will contain detailed information on how the program works, but briefly: you will be added to a social channel, where we will talk as a group, and where I will share important information. During these 2 weeks, I will also offer you self-assessment tests and guidance on how to address one of your major challenges, using an effective technique/life-approach from my tool kit.)


Let's declare the war on FUG!