Lula Kebab : Get the Secret Recipe of this Caucasian Dish

Lula Kebab : Get the Secret Recipe of this Caucasian Dish

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  • Excellent choice for meat lovers
  • Quick to prepare
  • Filled with spices and flavor
  • Excellent for muscle building

Suppose you have a big event coming up and you want to serve a fantastic meal for your friends or family. In that case, you can easily rely on the simplicity and deliciousness of a Lula kebab to satiate their appetites while still providing the full nutrient spectrum. This recipe is brought straight from the Azerbaijani cuisine, where animal proteins take the lead-- no matter if you enjoy lamb, beef, chicken, or fish, you can easily accommodate them into your plate. Turn any social evening into a delightful culinary experience by serving this hot kebab meat with pita sandwiches or next to yogurt for a direct dip!

In this particular recipe, meat lovers will rejoice with how extraordinary and flavorful the ground beef tastes combined with herbs and greens. Ideally, you’d want to prepare the ground beef with some coriander, dried basil, cilantro, grated onion, garlic, green, and lard, and leave the mixture overnight so that the flavors get infused adequately into the meat. With how quick and easy it is to prepare the mixture, you can store some premade kebabs in your fridge and take them out as needed. When it’s time to prepare the kebabs, you can either choose the oven or grill them over to obtain an outstanding result.

This Lula kebab can fill your stomach and provide you with enough energy for the whole day, making it an ideal choice for athletes who require a significant protein intake to build up muscle properly. A single serving can have up to 850 kcal, so if you’re looking forward to some demanding workout routines, this is the perfect meal for restocking your energy. If you’re already tired of traditional meals and want to try a more straightforward, tastier approach, don’t hesitate to follow the recipe and cook an insanely good Lula kebab!