Krystal Salt Lamp 7-10 lbs 1 unit from Klamath Blue Green Algae

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Krystal Salt Lamp

  • Perfect for your office, nightstand, dorm room, or anywhere!!
  • Since each salt crystal lamp is carved from the earth, each is unique in color, shape, and size.
  • 7-10 lbs 1 unit.

Salt crystals, over 250 million years old are mined in Europe and Asia. As the lamp warms, it casts a soft glowing light and emits negative ions into the air.

Many attribute the invigorating freshness that you feel near waterfalls, on mountain tops, after a thunderstorm, or by the ocean, to the abundance of these negative ions. We discovered salt lamps when we started our new health and wellness company. For months, our salt lamps filled our offices with a beautiful peaceful glow. We immediately became enchanted and so did everyone who saw them. We believe that our crystal lamps not only reflect the inner strength of the Greek goddess Artemis and her connection with the earth but that they also have the power to transform and energize your personal space. We invite you to enjoy the warm sensual glow of the Artemis Woman salt crystal lamp