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Help me Poop oxymel is one of time-tested natural remedies that helps with emergency constipation. We all know the importance of "being regular", and natural practitioners agree that for optimal health and weight loss results having at least one bowel movement a day is crucial. But what if you haven't gone for a few days?

This is where Help Me Poop comes to the rescue. It is not to be confused with Get Regular Oxymel, which balances digestion so that this one-BM/day can happen as a routine. This one is for when you need to poop and you can't! 😂😂

To use it is simple: simply take a shot of it (as you would cough syrup - the cup comes with) -- OR (which is, actually, my preferred method) add a splash (equaling the amount of the shot glass that comes with it) to a cup of hot water and enjoy as tea. Hot water in itself is stimulation to the bowels, so do it this way adds a bit of extra benefit here. It is delicious like that as well (I think). However, tastes differ, and you may not always have the time for a cup of tea. No worries - it works either way. 

The bowel movement will occur 4-6 hours after you take this oxymel. 🔥🔥Plan accordingly🔥🔥: you do not want this time to fall on the middle of the night, or when you have a presentation scheduled. 😂😂

This oxymel is about 95% effective with single use. However, if bowel movement did not happen as intended, you can repeat the intake: it is 98.9% with the third dose - and if fails, you should probably contact your health care professional at that point and look into the issue deeper.

DO NOT take this oxymel as a daily remedy to produce stools. It is for "emergency evacuation" use only.  After 3 days in a row, please allow 4-5 days before your next use. If you want regular bowel movements, use Get Regular Oxymel instead.


What’s an Oxymel?
Derived from an ancient Greek word oymeli that loosely translates to acid and honey, an oxymel is a term used to denote a herbal extraction of vinegar and raw honey. It is one of the oldest way to create a natural remedy, which (unfortunately) has been pushed out of view by tinctures and supplement capsules due to their extended shelf life. However, when it comes to preserving and extracting the best healing qualities of the plants, oxymels just cannot be beat. While it has been known that raw apple cider vinegar brings about a host of health benefits, oxymel combines these crucial health benefits of apple cider vinegar with the benefits of honey to bring about an ingestible extract for greater health benefits. Our oxymels are hand-crafted by a certified herbalist, using only organic or wild crafted ingredients and techniques that are aimed and extracting and preserving the most benefit from the herbs: these herbs are never heated to destructive temperatures, never stored in plastic (!) and are always kept clean and pure - away from exposure to dust, fumes, or any other pollutants.

All orders are made fresh upon order, which ensures even better content of all the healing compounds, many of which do have a tendency to lose potency over time. 



Senna leaf: . The core active compounds in senna leaves are referred to as senna glycosides, or sennosides. They work by stimulating the intestines and rebalancing the gut flora.

Raw honey: Honey, as a common household item, is laden with enzymes that crucial in the digestive health of human body. Because of this, honey’s mild laxative property is enhanced when taken plain, or added to tea, water, warm milk to help ease constipation.

Apple cider vinegar: ACV’s property as a remedy for constipation is founded on the premise that it is a natural laxative. Its laxative property stems from the dissolved form of pectin, which is a fibre that can help effectively improve your overall digestion. ACV also contains digestive friendly malic acid and acetic acid.

Raspberry vinegar: - adds raspberry ketones which further stimulate digestive tract


Storage: oxymels do not require refrigeration, HOWEVER if you don't anticipate needing the next doze soon, do store it in the refrigerator: this way, its potency and the desired effect will be preserved better. Natural residue may occur, it is normal. Shake well before use. Discard after the expiration date ( 6 - 8 months after purchase)



FDA Disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. All content is provided for educational purposes only.