Handmade Fantasy Lamp, Surreal LED Decor Lighting, Unique One of a Kind Night Light Fixture, Gift Lamp

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Product Overview

  • Handmade item
  • Material: Cork, Wood
  • Style: Art deco
  • Gift wrapping and message available

Product Description

"An Eye Is Upon You" -- Light Art - Surrealism / Fantasy Lamp The spirit of Nature itself: Trolls, Goblins, Enchanted Forest Paths can now come right inside your home. This lamp creates a sophisticated atmosphere of Nature and Mystery, with a hint to a popular surrealism theme. 

The best effect is achieved at dusk or in a partially lit room. This lamp is designed to create a feeling of the presence of something supernatural and can be viewed both lit and unlit. You and your guests will enjoy an eerie feeling with the play of the shadows of the deer image. Contrasted by the brightness of The Eye staring straight through you, it will bring mystery into your living room. This is a one of kind piece of art. 

Please appreciate the fine details of real-life nature accents. We use raw, nature-made materials only, All of our art is created in our studio, hands-on and from scratch, so there is never a duplicate. 

Are you looking for something special? We can help you create it! If you would like a matching piece in a different size will help you with that too. (Here, I think, a floor lamp, human size would be a fantastic addition!) 

The lamp comes with a remote to control the color and/or the pattern of the shadows: you can use alternating colors pattern or strobes or set the color you prefer (see Remote image for more option details) 

Material: wood, natural elements (rocks, moss, leaves, etc.) and resin 

Measures: 20" tall, 8" in diameter 
LED lighting, meets fire safety code Deer stand and remote use watch batteries (included, replaceable) 
Service plan available (light bulb change, normal wear and tear touch up, repairs) - please contact us for details any time (before or after purchase)