Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes eBook

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes eBook

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Do y ou know that Green Bean Casserole that everyone is raving about? It’s in there! Along with those garlic mashed potatoes. And my favorite perk: I always wondered how they ma d e those Hawaiian rolls so fluffy and sweet. Now I know! Imagine THOSE at your Thanksgiving table – made from scratch (in 3 o min, btw), with none of those preservatives and crap! A rare find.

Celebrate Thanksgiving and satisfy your family and guests with these recipes for cooking at home using organic, fresh ingredients. These recipes pack all the flavor s of traditional thanks giving and are easy and quick to prepare. Thanksgiving is a day to spend at home, with your loved ones , with your dear ones. Make home cooking part of your Thanksgiving tradition with these recipes that include something special for everyone. Send everyone to bed with their bellies full of Thanksgiving delights prepared by yourself. Proudly express your love for your family by cooking for them recipes that are delicious AND nutritious. Easy to cook, easy to serve. No need to be a chef or break the piggy bank to make everyone happy.