Driftwood Wax Melt, Candle, Candle Centerpiece, Feng Shui Candle, Art Ikebana, Home Decor, Witches Brew scent

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Product Overview

  • Handmade item
  • Primary color: Gray
  • Gift wrapping and message available
  • Refills are available. Simply drop in a refill and it will flow out and fill the candle to make it look and smell like brand new. Please visit our store for details.


This is a decorative wax melt candle. Wax melts work by adding a fragrant insert into the top part of the burner and lighting a tea light underneath. (3 tealights included, each would last for approximately 4-5 hours)

This one is scented with 100% pure essential oils, our proprietary Frankincense and Rose blend called Witches brew (The smell is indeed enchanting, and will radiate throughout your entire house)

Product Features:
Ikebana Art decorative wax melt candle
Please review the photos to appreciate the fine detail of this beautiful work of art
Fully hand-made
This item is fully handmade in a fine art studio, by a local Portland artist.
Features a small LED candle. No switches or cords to ruin the artistic look.
The candle is operated by turning it clockwise to turn on, and counterclockwise to turn off.

Measures approx 12" long, 10" wide, 20" tall.
Materials: wood, polymer clay.
Color: gold, silver, copper.