Dealing with anger: yours or theirs (aka verbal abuse) -- GROUP CHAT

Dealing with anger: yours or theirs (aka verbal abuse) -- GROUP CHAT

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Is this verbal abuse or did you legit pissed them off? Why is it so difficult to apologize – and should you? And what do you do if you live with a person who is constantly mad at you?



▶️This is a LIVE ASYNCHRONOS CHAT: an actual dialogue with the coach via a messaging app to answer any questions that you may have.

We will start with a discussion where I share some very important insights and then  answer any questions that you may have.

Unlike a "customer service" form of chat, when you have to be there for the duration, at a certain time, and if you step away the window closes, we are more relaxed here: the chat goes on for 5 days, and it's more like a Facebook group conversation, with no time comittments

 This is a GROUP chat -- which means that more than one person can be added to the chat.

Need a private chat?

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As opposed to the proverbial “anger management” treatment, this approach  actually works: this is not about how to effectively suppress anger or use self-soothing techniques. It’s about how to heal the underlying pain that causes you to be angry every time the wound is touched – and discover and bring out the enormous potential underneath instead. 

On the flip side, if you're constantly dealing with someone who is constantly triggered like that, knowing how to safeguard yourself from being hurt is also crucial


 This is a Round Table Discussion lead by a Certified Bioenergetic Medicine Psychology professional.


This Round Table discussion happens in a messaging app (Telegram, you will download it after confirming the order) -- and will be open for 5 business days.

Ask your question – or, if you’re stuck simply cut and paste one that I am giving you below – we will then continue the discussion, and I, or one of my colleagues, will guide you through your questions to a possible solution.

 The therapist is a human, not a robot – so please give us 24 business hours to respond (i.e. one day, weekends don’t count) 😊



Here is what we can cover in this discussion:

  • What is anger: understand that anger is a pain/trauma response
  • How to stop blaming yourself for losing your temper and discover and activate the potential that your body is replacing by anger
  • How to turn anger into triumph and stop the problems which it has been causing you
  • How to deal with an angry partner, parent or a co-worker
  • How to protect yourself from being hurt by their anger without necessarily abandoning the relationship
  • Your specific questions and situations