CLEANSE: Holistic Strategies For Reducing Your Body's Chemical Load (Natural Wellness Featuring Holistic, Herbal and Plant Based Therapies)

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Holistic Strategies for Reducing Your Body’s Chemical Load

Start reducing your body’s toxic load TODAY with this definitive guide to identifying chemical threats and strategically eliminating them from your life. The methods presented in this book provide you with numerous and easy options for reducing your chemical exposure immediately.

Our bodies our literally inundated with toxic chemicals from all angles of life: from the food we eat and the drugs we take, to the water we drink and the air we breathe, toxins now threaten our health on a wide spectrum basis. In this book, we will look closely at the major sources of common toxins that find their way into our bodies and discover ways to avoid their ill effects as much as possible to support our inner vibrancy.

I wrote this book for people wanting to reduce their personal toxic load - to give them many choices for eliminating dangers so they may easily improve their health by making a few common sense changes. By adopting just a few of the strategies outlined in this book, you can make a difference in your health, starting today.