Childhood and emotional trauma: a possible clue to why you are this way (VIDEO DIALOG)

Childhood and emotional trauma: a possible clue to why you are this way (VIDEO DIALOG)

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Childhood trauma could be the clue to the issues we blame on “bad luck” today. Let’s talk about what’s going on: childhood trauma, its effects, recognizing it, healing it, and dealing with its roadblocks.

This is a LIVE VIDEO DISCUSSION (Google Meet): actual dialogue, no one is ever muted. Bring your questions! We’ll start with a quick presentation, and then proceed to your specific input. Questions can be sent in in advance, and the recording will be available whether you attend or not

(Prefer messaging group chat instead?)

Want to keep the session private and have a one-on-one discussion?


If you’re wondering why you cannot get anything done, are plagued with what seems to be constant bad luck, have problems in relationships or are confused about what to do in common life’s situations, your childhood and/or other emotional trauma could be to blame.


Talk it out with a Certified Bioenergetic Medicine Psychology professional.


Just because you haven’t been in combat, doesn’t mean you cannot have PTSD (There are many traumatic events in life, which--for untrained people like us--can create this impact)


Just because you weren’t a victim of an EXTREME case of child abuse, doesn’t mean you cannot have childhood trauma (Same principle applies)


And (unlike most therapies that you will encounter) we are not going to teach you the life skills that you’ll need to “cope”, in order to live with this trauma for the rest of your life. Bioenergetic Medicine holds the keys to healing your trauma, setting you free from the damage and re-creating the happy, life-loving person with a lot of potential you can remember yourself to be. Yes, some scars may always remain (that’s the thing about scars, both physical and emotional) But the pain and its debilitating effects will be gone.  Yes, this is one heck of a claim – take me up on it! Let’s start with a Round Table discussion.

A Round Table discussion is a one-hour long LIVE ONLINE CONFERENCE, lead by a Bioenergetic Psychology therapist.

Simply pick a day that works for you on the order confirmation page – and bring your questions, the things you’re wondering about -- and even your confusion regarding the subject, if you have any!

I keep the groups small, so everyone will have a chance to be heard. You will also be given a link to a form to submit your question in advance.  ALL submitted questions will be discussed and answered during the conference, whether you attend or opt to watch the recording. If you do attend, you will also be able to ask additional questions: the participants are never muted, and live participation is not only allowed, but encouraged!

The recording will be available and will be sent to you withing 24 business hours of the scheduled date, via email.


If you’re the type to be shy of video, use the chat option instead: join the chat, submit your question – and enjoy unlimited discussion with the coach for 5 days: It’s like having a counselor in your back pocket! (However, you will need to be proactive, since there will not be a video session to cover the questions below… feel free to cut and paste one into the form!😂 )



In this discussion we will cover:

  • Why childhood trauma is a lot more prevalent then we realize, and why it is so often overlooked.
  • How to recognize childhood trauma – and overcome its effects
  • Two major misconceptions about childhood trauma that are prevalent in the mainstream – and the proof to the contrary
  • How these misconceptions keep you stuck in a vicious circle of hope—anxiety—hope—depression—hope—hopelessness
  • How trauma prevents you from reaching your goals in ways that you never would have thought to associate with it
  • How to break this vicious circle and start thriving, as opposed to struggling to keep your head above the water
  • How trauma – after it’s healed – makes you stronger and can help you unlock superpowers in your potential
  • Your specific questions and situations