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Breakfast Cheesecakes: Tasty and Healthy RECIPE

Breakfast Cheesecakes: Tasty and Healthy RECIPE

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  • Extremely nutritious and healthy
  • Full of energy to start the day
  • Easy preparation
  • Keto-friendly

Have you ever woken up in bed with a voracious appetite and wishing to have a full breakfast? Starting the day off with a fulfilling meal should be the standard for almost everyone, especially if they need to deal with demanding tasks all day. But due to time constraints and modern life’s demands, not many of us have time to think of a nutritious breakfast. Even worse, whenever we try to follow breakfast recipes to maintain a diet, they tend to be bland and flavorless.

However, a special ingredient that holds everything together in this spectacular recipe is the Russian cottage cheese, also known as Quark cheese. In Russia, China, and some areas in Europe, it’s widely assumed that whatever you eat will significantly impact your health, and some food can help with specific ailments and diseases. Particularly, quark cheese has a significant role in killing cancer cells-- and despite it being a relatively unknown ingredient in America, it doesn’t compromise the cheesecake’s flavor at all.

With all the extra nutrients and benefits you’re getting by using Russian cottage cheese, you won’t believe how easy it is to prepare it! You can quickly get the coffee pot brewing on the side as you preheat the pan, letting the batter rest before rolling small balls and coat them with flour. Overall, it takes so little time to prepare these breakfast cheesecakes, and you won’t believe how tasty these cheesecakes can be! You just need to take the mix, add the eggs and 1 or 2 other ingredients of your link, and place them in the hot pan. By then, your morning coffee should also be ready for serving! It barely takes time away from your morning schedule and you’ll get a yummy dish to start the day filled with energy. Besides, it’s keto-friendly!