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Please visit the Bookstore. Here you will find the carefully selected materials I recommend both in my program and as stand alone tools to help you achieve your goals when it comes to both the healthy appearance and the health that goes with it. These really work, and I have screened them for gimmicks, BS and other common "pollutants"/

Most people who are just starting really like these materials for their simplicity and basic, un-complicated approach. So, for example, if you're thinking that you need to begin working out, but not sure where and how to start, one of these books will help you do just that: it will be a simple, down-to-earth information that explains everything at the basic level, and doesn't over-complicate things with too much of the turn-the-corner mentality that I use in my approaches -- and still WORKS like a charm! I incorporate many of these approaches into my program.

If and when you're ready for the next level of complexity, have challenges that the basic methods cannot solve, or have already tried everything else and need that unique, turn-the-corner CUSTOM AND PERSONAL approach... then I want to invite you to my System Minus 45 Series: a Natural Weight Loss System that guarantees results.  Visit this section and select a plan that is right for you.