Belly Fat Burn Cream

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4 oz jar. Handmade by a professional.
WHAT IT DOES: Gives you a flatter stomach by dissolving the fat tissue underneath the skin. You should start noticing GRADUAL results within the first 2-3 days.

WHAT’S IN IT?  Only natural ingredients. Nothing weird, far-fetched, or dangerous to your health and well-being. I prepare each batch by hand, using the following ingredients (and absolutely nothing else): organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil, organic lemons, therapeutic grade organic or responsibly wild-crafted essential oils of frankincense, eucalyptus, lemon, lemongrass, orange and cinnamon. And a prayer for blessing and effectiveness, (I believe this is also an active ingredient: you know how two vases, plates or statues can look absolutely alike, and yet the handmade one will have a totally different feeling about it? This is because part of the maker’s energy is imparted to the product)

HOW AND WHY IT WORKS. Well, it just does.  I have learned this method and the recipe from my grandma and have used it with much success ever since. Now that I am a Natural Weight Loss practitioner, I have learned WHY it works – and the science of it is somewhat lengthy. For those of you who have inquisitive minds, here it is in the paragraph below. Other readers are welcome to skip to the “For Best Results” part.

First of all, I must say that the view of belly fat as simply “extra calories stored” is very incomplete. Yes, it certainly is all that, but this is not even its primary function. Another very important function of belly fat that is totally overlooked here is encapsulation and the storage of extra toxins.

I’ll try to explain this as simple as possible, without any “doctor talk”: when our body receives a substance that it does not know what to do with or cannot eliminate for some reason, it “hides” it in the belly fat cells to come back and deal with it at a better time. And just like for most of us, this “better time” often never comes. One of such toxins is estrogen. Also, a lot of plastics have the same structure as estrogen, and when they leach into the food from all the plastic bottles, plastic wraps, plastic plates, plastic storage containers, etc. – our body treats them as extra estrogen and locks them up in the belly fat cells. To keep it short, an enzyme found in lemons has a function of opening up these fat cells and removing estrogen toxins. After the storage is no longer needed, the cell is usually eliminated as redundant.

Also, vitamin C (also found in abundance in lemons) stimulates collage production, which helps with overall skin tightening.

FOR BEST RESULTS, use a comprehensive approach. Above, I briefly explained how belly fat is used for the storage of toxins. So, quit putting more in! Eat a clean diet, drink plenty of water, get the rest you need and get the blood moving by taking a brisk walk. In my Revolt Against Belly Fat program, I also teach another method that works wonders when used together with this cream: a two minute a day Pinch Massage. Join in, or simply research other belly fat fighting techniques and attack the enemy of all fronts!

HOW TO USE: Rub in vigorously on the belly fat areas, clockwise, once or twice a day.