Authentic Elite Shungite Silver Stone (EMF Protection ES122)

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The most prominent feature of shungite nuggets is EMF protection.

Shungite has been shown to absorb EMF radiation, transmitted by electronics, wi-fi waves, through the magnetic fields created by cell towers, and so on.

There are many counterfeits on the market, giving way to discussion that "it doesn't work", or is gimmick. The authentic, genuine silver shungite works.

Please watch the video where our partner demonstrates this in a real life experiment:

You can put it near your working place or bed while sleeping in order to provide a comprehensive protection against geopathic zones influence and EMF. You also can have a small elite shungite nugget in your pocket in order to provide yourself with daily EMF protection.

Also, elite shungite has been proven to have a powerful good energy field and can help you keep your body and soul in harmony.

You can also use these small elite shungite nuggets to make an energized shungite water to keep yourself healthy and balanced.