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Alphatox Organic Weight Loss Slim Tea Lose Weight Fast, Burn Fat, & End Bloating Listed for charity

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  • DELICIOUS ORGANICALLY GROWN PREMIUM SLIMMING TEA | Our organically grown Premium Slimming Tea contains the following ingredients: Senna Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Chamomile, Pu'erh Leaf, Sencha, Green Tea, Lemon Grass, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Rhubarb Root, Fennel, Marsh Mallow Leaf, Holy Thistle Leaf, and Malva leaf. The combination of these ingredients has been proven very effective for weight watchers!
  • REDUCE BLOATING & IMPROVE REM SLEEP: Consuming our Premium Alphatox Slimming Tea can contribute to less bloating, and improving your digestion! Additionally, our Alphatox Premium Tea can also help improving REM Sleep. Our teas contain no caffeine, so you do not have to worry about having jitters. Lose weight gracefully, and naturally with our teas today. Try it, you will love it, you know you want to 😊
  • LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY | Our 14-day Premium Slimming Tea can contribute to having a more fit figure. Additionally, our Premium Slimming Tea can help Boost your Immune System as well as Increase your Energy & Focus naturally!
  • NATURAL APPETITE SUPPRESSANT & FULL OF ANTI-OXIDANTS: Our premium Slimming Tea can help you consume less food throughout the day, and additionally help you lose weight Naturally! Our premium tea is full of anti-oxidants.
  • Artisan Blends That You May Enjoy Your Tea At Any Time of The Day or Night