Woman Warrior Club - RELATIONSHIPS

Woman Warrior Club - RELATIONSHIPS

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This is an ongoing LIVE coaching program with weekly Zoom sessions. I will be sharing a lot of general information in a "live e-book"/channel setting - and also offering phycological tests, problem worksheets and other resources. In parallel, there is also a discussion group, where the members and the coach(s) -- as in me and/or one of my assistants -- can interact on an ongoing basis. Then, there is a Zoom link for weekly discussions.

The purpose?


To fix what I term relationship X: the unhealthy dynamics that often develop when we have a combination of an empath and a wounded child personality types.

 We will work on helping you to better understand yourself, better understand what is going on - and developing the skills that you need to change the situation and offer your partner the right kind of help, which is going to be upbuilding to him and his potential, as opposed to condoning self-destructive behaviors.


We will cover the following life skills:

  • Understanding why things happen and how to prevent negative events and "summon" the positive ones

  • Overcoming confusion, solving difficult questions and getting what you want to happen

  • Dealing with stress

  • Dealing with emotional trauma (both recent and childhood, both minor and major, both known and overlooked)

  • Solving problems stemming from bad relationships

  • Overcoming anxiety, depression and frustration 

  • Stopping verbal and emotional abuse

  • Setting yourself free without leaving the relationship -- or, leaving the relationship that you want to leave but have trouble actually carrying out your intent.

  • Helping your partner discover and use their true potential

  • Taking the right control

  • Dealing with infidelity and affair -- stopping it and keeping the partner all to yourself (if this is your choice)

  • Becoming a person "the best of them" are attracted to

  • Making sense out of your relationship (is it normal) and fixing relationship issues

Unique part of this program: instead of giving you a random mix of tips and tricks (most of which you usually already know, in those cases), we are going to take a very defined,  warrior mindset approach of helping you create a system for uncovering and putting to work your inner potential and eliminating the hostile elements that stand in the way.  

  • This is a live coaching program designed to help you learn more about the issue of your choice -- and SOLVE it. 
  • You will become a member of a private social group, and I will walk you through the steps towards your goal (we will make a plan of action and then work together to get you AMAZING results)




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