Mom Guilt: ditch guilt trips and access your true potential (VIDEO DIALOG)

Mom Guilt: ditch guilt trips and access your true potential (VIDEO DIALOG)

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A “bad mother” is dropping down dead tired after tending to her kids needs before her own – still “bad”. Sounds familiar?


This is a LIVE VIDEO DISCUSSION (Google Meet): actual dialogue, no one is ever muted. Bring your questions! We’ll start with a quick presentation, and then proceed to your specific input. Questions can be sent in in advance, and the recording will be available whether you attend or not

(Prefer messaging group chat instead?)

Want to keep the session private and have a one-on-one discussion?


It’s impossible to (effectively) talk about Mom guilt without also discussing parenting questions. Please bring them.

Overall, we are going to discuss feeling like a bad mom in the two life scenarios:

  • A stay home mom who is being told (either by her own self or others) that she doesn’t do enough, is losing her identity due to the lack of adult communication, never has a minute to herself – and feels guilty every time she takes a break to tend to her own needs from being there for others.
  • A working mother, who feels guilty every time she leaves her kids to go to work. Will this create a childhood trauma of abandonment? Is she a bad mother for letting others raise her kids while she is focused on her career?


What dynamics are at play in each of these scenarios? And how do you find a proper balance?


In order to effectively deal with guilt, it’s not enough to convince yourself that your guilt is unsubstantiated: all this does, is push it into the subconsciousness, where it creates more problems than it did while in the open.

 A proper way of dealing with feeling guilty is to identify the objective dynamics at play, learn what is productive and what can be damaging, and find the right balance where you know that you’re doing everything in the best interest of your children -- and yet have time and energy for yourself, knowing for a fact that in this scenario there is nothing wrong with it – and WHY there is nothing wrong with it. (And yes – this IS possible)


This is a Round Table Discussion lead by a Certified Bioenergetic Medicine Psychology professional. (Who is a mother of 5, btw)


A Round Table discussion is a one-hour long LIVE ONLINE CONFERENCE, lead by a Bioenergetic Psychology therapist.

Simply pick a day that works for you on the order confirmation page – and bring your questions, the things you’re wondering about -- and even your confusion regarding the subject, if you have any!

I keep the groups small, so everyone will have a chance to be heard. You will also be given a link to a form to submit your question in advance.  ALL submitted questions will be discussed and answered during the conference, whether you attend or opt to watch the recording. If you do attend, you will also be able to ask additional questions: the participants are never muted, and live participation is not only allowed, but encouraged!

The recording will be available and will be sent to you withing 24 business hours of the scheduled date, via email.


If you’re the type to be shy of video, use the chat option instead: join the chat, submit your question – and enjoy unlimited discussion with the coach for 5 days: It’s like having a counselor in your back pocket! (However, you will need to be proactive, since there will not be a video session to cover the questions below… feel free to cut and paste one into the form!😂 )



In this discussion we will cover:

  • Being a mom and the Woman’s potential: how do they go together?
  • The basics of discovering and awakening your true calling and potential, regardless of who and where you are
  • The basics of parenting, in order to raise kids that are happy, successful in life and free from any emotional baggage
  • What is ok and what is not when it comes to demands on your time (in the light of the above)
  • A parenting philosophy that is scientifically proven to raise healthy, intelligent, and emotionally stable children.
  • Your specific questions and situations


We will also discuss such FAQs as:

  • How do you know what parenting choices are correct?
  • What is the difference between using a positive psychological approach and letting your child walk all over you?
  • What are the actionable, daily practices you need to develop in order to best raise your child?


The positive psychology approach to parenting that I will teach you in this webinar has been shown to:


  • Reduce overall stress for both parent and child, resulting in calmer babies and happier toddlers.
  • Result in children who excel at school and in other social environments.
  • Reduce “Guilty Mom Syndrome” is both working moms and stay-at-home moms


Don’t let yourself become another frazzled mother who has not only lost control of her children, but lost control of her life as well. Register here for the Bioenergetic Positive Psychology Parenting Webinar and rest easy knowing that you’re making the best decision for yourself and, most importantly, your children.