10 Steps to Overcome Codependence

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Did you ever think that your narcissistic, controlling partner might become powerless if you stop being codependent? The truth is that your codependency fuels your spouse's issues that he/she may not even be aware of: NPD (that often goes undiagnosed), hidden results of previous erlationship or childhood trauma, etc. -- and literally EMPOWERS that person to exploit and abuse you.


In 10 Steps to Overcome Codependence, Kim Cooper will give you that aha! moment and the needed tools to:

  • Recognize the times when you're being bamboozled and help you regain your sense of ‘self’ without compromising your values and thus without guilt
  • Abandon becoming and staying the ‘victim’ in your relationship
  • Become very attractive in the eyes of their partner
  • Set boundaries gently, yet firmly
  • Break the vicious cycle of the love/hate relationship
  • Fix the issues, keep the relationship

In a short yet reflective book, Kim and Steve Cooper help you identify who is the narcissist and who is the co-dependent (both reversible roles) in your marriage and take you on an intuitive journey of healing and establishing healthy relationship. So, take charge of your life, ‘self’ and equip yourself with the 10 steps to overcome codependency and become an emotionally mature life partner.