About the coach

Before we dive in, I want to make a quick introduction.

If we haven’t met before, I picture you wondering:

"Who is this person who is going to talk to me about anti aging and natural beauty?"

"Does she look like this?"



What? Do you really always know who is hiding behind the well- worded promotions?

 Alright, JK

What about like this?


Alright, let’s get realistic. I am 50. Here are the results that Google returns for “woman age 50 image”:



Now, these are pictures of comparables. But here is Cameron Diaz, age 47 at the time of this article (Cameron was born in 1972), with no makeup


As you can see, your looks can vary significantly at the same age. This means that anti aging is real: it's not just they years that determine your appearance. All these woman are the same age, but look at the significant difference in how they look. This mean that how you take care of yourself does indeed matter.

But let's get to the introduction. For the sake of full disclosure, I am going to offer you my video without makeup, as well as the everyday photo. (For the sake of the skeptics who have posted me nasty comments on Facebook, accusing me of using old videos in order to fake results, I am now including the date right in the narration. Please don't read anything else into it) I feel it is important for you to meet me on a personal level, and to see the real person behind "the well-worded" instructions.

And so - I am 3 years older than Camron Diaz, born in 1969. And here is my video with no makeup. Ahhhhhhhh!


Continuing on a personal note, this video was taken at the end of December 2020. This makes me 51 years old. I have 5 kids (all grown up now), a moderately stressful job, and a few life episodes I have survived to tell stories about.

On the professional side, I hold a Masters degree in Acmeollogy (a branch of alternative psychology that deals with the art and science of success and of reaching your goals). However, for the last 20 years my focus has been on Natural Medicine. I have obtained training and certifications in Holistic Nutrition, and also became a Metabolic Typing Advisor. I strongly believe that nutrition plays the absolute key role in our health, looks, and well-being. Please click through the Arguments and Facts part of this site, and I will prove it!

Recently, however, I have added yet one more aspect to my holistic knowledge. I completed a course from one of the world renown Face Yoga trainers and became a certified beauty coach.

But what’s in a piece of paper? From my own experience and example, I am confident to promise you that I can help you achieve the same or even better results (if you’re younger, have better genetics, or less life challenges). Yes, anti aging is possible. Perfect weight is achievable for everyone. Good health is the norm, not a rare exception.

Let’s get started.

Here is my formal introduction, taken on the same day as no make-up photo. (The difference between the two, by the way, is ONLY my morning skin care routine and a few natural or DIY products that you will find in my store – no extensive Hollywood camouflage here!)

Welcome aboard!

No ads that take over everything. No rehash of common sense BS. ONLY Proprietary, seldom shared facts and to-the-point arguments