7 UNIQUE New Year Resolutions: no more of the same old crap!

7 UNIQUE New Year Resolutions: no more of the same old crap!

Are you ready to be done with 2021? I sure am! I don't know about you, but I am ready to leave A LOT of crap in the past -- then, shut the door on it and  throw away the key. 

And it doesn't REALLY matter what the state of affairs is in this world: the real character is always strengthened -- and revealed! -- through challenges:

💥So, let's make 2022 amazing by resolving to create real change! Not for anyone else -- for yourself. Others will follow. 💥

💥THUS: enough with the old, boring "join a gym" and "give up chocolate" resolutions that do not work anyway. Let's make some real ones -- the kind that have the power to create the change you want to see💥

Imagine 2022 as a blank sheet of paper. How it will turn out will depend, to a large degree, on what we write on it. Yes, there will be un-expectancies and circumstances beyond our control – but being prepared and wise goes a long way.

This is how I view the task of resolutions: to do what I can to bring positive progress, positive change. Not just something that will keep me from the embarrassment of going uh… uh… uh… when someone asks me at a party what my New Year’s resolution is.

And so – can we come up with something besides quitting smoking or going on a diet?



Consider the following suggestions:




We can also call it a Lesson Learned Resolution: instead of resolving to accomplish something next year, resolve to eliminate a negative element.

  1. Why should you always feel like you need to improve YOURSELF? The real key to success lies in improving your CIRCUSTANCES:

When I was growing up, this practice was known to me simply as THE New Year resolution. (In fact, it comes from an old Jewish custom, where New Year is celebrated in the fall – but it doesn’t matter. New Year is New Year)

This is my favorite way to make New Year resolutions, and I do it faithfully every year. (In the fall.) I feel it has both a cleansing and a self-improvement effect at the same time, and it has, in actuality, helped me get through some pretty tough times and get out of predicaments that seemed to have no solution. So, I am here to bear an eye -witness testimony that this approach definitely works.


             What you do:  Sit back and think about the past year. What things bother you? Is there anything you wished you did differently? Could some pain have been avoided? Why did bad things happen to you?

     Why go there? I believe that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. If it brings joy, then this was its purpose. If it brings pain, then this is a way of life slapping our hand and thus teaching us a lesson. The better we learn, the more pain we will avoid.  So, identifying the purpose and the lessons behind paid can have a very constructive, healing and protective effect.


    But it doesn't have to be something that you've done -- and this is the beauty of it. Somehow, this method mysteriously works even when it comes to the things that you think you may have no control over: "being too busy to have any time for myself", "not getting enough respect", "not having enough money", "not getting enough high-paying clients". Don't believe me? TRY IT!

               After you have identified what you DON'T need in your life, write the things that you would like to uproot from your life on separate pieces of paper. Put them in your pocket. Then, go to a river, on a roof, on a cliff – and throw them away, cast them out with the words, “I want XYZ out of my life. I want it to not enter the New Year”.

                This year I wrote my negatives on fall leaves, with a permanent marker, and threw them into an actual river. (Because we do not want to pollute the river with paper). The year before, it was actual paper, thrown from a second floor window of my office into the dumpster in the street below. How symbolic. How convenient. This was very satisfying!

                Among the things that I wrote were:

                 - Codependency: defined as changing my schedules, preferences or choices for other people without a valid reason. (“My codependent habit – I want you out of my life! You are NOT to enter into the New Year!”)

                 - ADHD productivity buster: getting sucked into distractions-loaded situations. (“Distraction loaded situations – you are not allowed to sneak in next year!”)

                 -Poor sleep: “Tossing and turning, be gone!”


    You will be amazed at how well this works. The power of this ritual is almost magical, and very counter-intuitive. For example, how can you prevent future distractions from crossing your path simply by telling them to stay away? This does not make any logical sense, but it works. 

    The science here is that by saying things like these out loud (for example, “I want distractions out of my life”) programs your subconsciousness to watch out for the related things and issues, before your logical mind is able to detect them.  In a similar way, by spotting poor sleep as the root of bad mood and poor productivity, and by telling the insomnia to leave, you are a lot more likely to take mindful steps towards learning how to deal with this problem. Also, coming to the realization of things you want out of your life and actually resolving to not let them back in is also very powerful.

    Ready to clean out some garbage out of your life? Do it this year!


    1. Start a small online business - with THIS catch

    I think this resolution is more vital in 2021/2022 crossover than it has ever been. We all have experienced the nasty helpless sensation of feeling unprepared. Feeling out of control, and at the mercy of some decision maker somewhere else. Of your employer suddenly dictating the rules that totally go against your moral or psychological grain. This is one thing owning your business accomplishes: you are not dependent on someone else to tell you how much you are going to make and when you are going to make it.

    Don’t get me wrong: there is no silver bullet (as I always preach), and I am not saying that having your own business solves all problems. But what matters here is the preparedness to adapt. In my opinion, the experience of owning your own business teaches you to think outside the box, to always look for solutions, alternatives and ways around obstacles. This mindset – to always be prepared for the unexpected – can and will arrest despair in its tracks in almost every situation: it is indeed a survival instinct that is very valuable and is worth developing.

    Now, online is an important keyword here. Here are the key differences that give you an unfair advantage when you start a business online:


    • Unlike most “physical” businesses, it can be started with very little investment: no shop or storefront to rent, virtual employees can be hired at a lot lower cost (starting at $3/hr.), inventory can be virtual as well, and so on.
    • It allows for most flexibility in terms of time commitment – so, unlike in traditional business cases, you do not have to quit your day job, and can simply add this business to what you are already doing. In fact, this is my preferred way – you should never put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes
    • And, most importantly – let’s face it: this IS the new normal. The push to shift things towards “virtual” may decrease as the current issues get resolved, but it will never go away, and this transition trend is predicted to grow.

    HOWEVER - it's scary, right? The sceptics will tell you that 95% of all newly started businesses fail. But you know WHY they fail? The main reason may surprise you. It's NOT lack of capital (aka the money to needed to make it happen). It's NOT the lack of good ideas. It's NOT the entrepreneur's lack of skill. Not even the lack of know-how...

    The main reason why most micro-businesses (i.e. really, really small businesses started by an individual) do not go anywhere or fail is actually the lack of the right mindset. This sounds cliché -- so let me explain (it's not what you think it is).

    The answer here is NOT in having an "I can do it" attitude -- although it helps, of course. The mindset that I am talking about is the ability to internalize the idea and treat it with enough priority so that you're able to see it through to the results. What happens in most of the new business start cases? You get excited about the wonderful perspective to not punch the clock, to have enough time and money to do what you want, to be able to accomplish the things that you feel need to be done, but currently lack "funding", etc. But then... You just keep thinking about it. It is always a future dream. And as soon as you resolve to actually do something, you get attacked by the enemies and the hostile elements that stand in your way.

    Here is a brief list, naming the most common ones:

    - Lack of know-how: you realize you really not sure how to make it happen, or what the first thing that you should is. Are you jumping the gun by doing X? Or, taking it too slow by doing Y?

    - Lack of time: you come home exhausted after your day job -- only to face family obligations. What side hassle?

    - Lack of faith: how do you REALLY know that you're doing the right thing? What if you're true calling is in something else? And what if you spend a bunch of time and money trying to do this -- and then lose it all?

    ... And so forth. There is plenty of information out there on how to create a business plan, the winning marketing tricks and entrepreneur time-management. But when it comes to having what it takes IN YOU... the market is pretty scanty.

    However, this is exactly the lack of this very part is what makes 95% of businesses fail. (And, likely, this is why your intuition is holding you back) Unless you KNOW that this all is going to work, the "enemies" that I refer to above are likely to overcome you. (This is what I mean by "internalizing the idea": you own it to the point of KNOWING that you're doing the right thing)

    And how do you really KNOW? By knowing what has made other people successful, knowing what the right way to feel about things associated with business is, AND by knowing where to find the right tools to make it happen, in your budget.

    So, if you resolve to start a business this year (which --again -- is a pretty DARN GOOD idea, I think), I highly recommend starting with laying the right foundation and making your first step to be: PREPARE.

     🤔🤔I should mark this one is a separate resolution? 
    I don't think so. Because if you want to start a business, instead of dreaming about it (for yet another year, possibly?) resolve to make the first step towards this goal:

    Pledge to achieve financial and personal freedom -- and MAKE YOUR FIRST STEP toward this goal this year.  Prepare the way by resolving your fears and and doubts and creating a sure roadmap. 

    (To help you out with that, my course The Mindset and Life Tools For Business Success is discounted 80% until January 1)



    Alright, can’t do without the traditional entries, right?

    However, I think its time to stop the insanity, and try something NEW, instead of doing the same old thing over and over: like, going on a diet or buying gym membership.

     Personally, I feel that diets are as effective in helping you lose weight as masks are in preventing you-know-what: everyone acts like it is the only sure-fire way to get the results, but in reality, there is a lot of hype, and no go.


    There are many programs for natural weight loss: many approaches, many angles. However, there are also many different situations, tastes, preferences and circumstances for the people who want to partake of a weight loss program. This is why, without a solid foundation, it is very difficult to hit something that will work for you, unless you hire a personal coach and get a custom plan that can cost a lot of money. Add to that a lot of wanna-be gurus who want to market their diet under the flag of “natural” – and all you end up is a sea of conflicting information.


     Well - years ago, I have applied my knowledge of the principles of success to undertaking research in metabolic studies. And what I have discovered is that the issue of human metabolism is a lot more complex than counting calories, a lot more complex than simply exercising more -- and even more complex than ketosis, hormones, or any other single metabolic process that many programs out there build their marketing around. It's not just one thing -- it's many things, interplayed and connected. The bottom line of what I discovered was: when it comes to losing weight, it's not you who is at fault for the lack of results. No, you don't eat too much (or you wouldn't be hungry, right?). No, you're not lazy or full of excuses. It's your metabolism that is out of balance -- and it is out of balance because the information you need to keep it in balance is hard to come by.

    The program that me and my partners have put together spans 45 weeks, but it basically guarantees results -- as long as people follow through. We realize, however, that this is quite an investment of both time and money, especially if you're not familiar with our group. So, just as in the previous resolution, I have created the first step.

    My promise to you: if you take this step, you won't feel that you have failed your resolution this year.


      4. Look 10 years younger by the end of 2022

    This is quite a challenge, uh?

    But this is what I specialize in -- making things that many people consider impossible a reality,

    And the answer to those is actually quite simple: quit doing what everyone else has been doing (if you don't see enough tangible results in their efforts) - and look for alternatives.

    What has the beauty industry been offering so far? Just a lot of makeup -- to COVER UP the scars of time, stress and mistreatment on your face. But what if there was a way to actually UNDO these things?

    Turns out there is -- and it's called Natural Anti-aging. This approach is a combination of age reversal approaches (such a Life Extension) and what is known under the name of Face Yoga, which works the same way physical yoga -- or any kind of exercise, for that matter: when you do nothing about your body, it tends to sag and lose its natural beautiful look. When you TONE it, it starts to look beautiful. Well, what is true about your whole body, is also true about your face).

    So, get a beauty coach and learn this amazing natural approach that will help your look -- AND FEEL -- younger. (It is based on the premise -- or, should I say, a proven fact, which we discuss in more detail in this program? -- that our bodies are genetically programed to live until 120, AND maintain vitality, beauty and health while at it)

    And for the holidays, here is the call to action: AWAY WITH HIGH PERSONAL COACHING FEES! Now you can start personalized, live program which will help you monitor your individual progress and results for just $1. Join it here.


    5. End the fights in your marriage or relationship

    Yes, it is also possible. About 2 years ago, I realized I was married to a man to had significant psychological damage and suffered from PTSD and NPD. By the time I realized that, however, I was on the edge of divorce: I was exhausted, fed-up, broke (aka financially AND emotionally drained) and felt that the relationship had come to a dead end and had no solution. This is when I ran in into Kim Cooper, who boldly promised that narcissism can be cured, and presented her marriage (and her husband who had become a new person by turning from a cheating, dismissive abuser into a loving and supportive family man) as an example. By golly, she was right! The system worked for me as well!

    If you feel stuck in your relationship and want to make thing better, read Kim's books. Period. She is the only person that I know of, who teaches how to save a challenging relationship (even the one that involves challenging psychological issues), as opposed to getting out of it the day you realize that your partner has problems.
      Now, the choice of which way you want to jump when you discover that the person who you fell in love with may have issues is certainly yours: you can leave, or you can stay. This decision is out of scope here. But IF you want to say, you can resolve to save or improve your relationship this year - and Kim will show you how to do so, no matter how bad it is. 
      I would recommend browsing a sea of extremely helpful information by visiting your series Is Your Marriage Filled with more Hurt than Love?
      I GURANTEE you: this is the kind of information you will not find anywhere else.
      And if your situation is bad, and you're ready to start digging into what is going on in your marriage, what the problem is, and what can you start doing about it, read Kim's book Back From The Looking Glass. This is the only reference book available with steps to deal with an abusive marriage whether you stay or leave. There, Kim also shares her own amazing story and gives practical, step-by-step advice on what to do.


      6. In 2022, resolve to become the best version of YOU

      The power of a woman is so often under-estimated. And the ROLE and proper position of a woman is so often misinterpreted:


      Life is more than money, more than looks, more than emotions, even more than health. There is just more to LIFE, in its complexity. But this is exactly what a holistic approach does: it may focus on an isolated single aspect of life when the need arises, but it always looks at the whole picture as well.

      It's been a wrong article already, so let me just say this: getting life into balance (along with how successful you are financially and personally, how you look and feel your best, how you position yourself with other people to make sure that you're treated with respect, and so on) is what I specialize in.

      My approach is simple: all of us are born with enormous inner potential -- but most of us don't know what it is, or how to uncover and use it. We tend to position ourselves as a victim of guilt, as if our problems lied in us: "I need change what I do", "I need to train myself to XYZ", "I need to learn to be more WTF". You get what I mean, don't you? It's always "me" who needs to change and somehow "improve".

      But remember what I said in the beginning?

      What if instead of trying to improve OURSELVES we tired to improve our environment by battling the enemies and hostile elements that stand in our way and/or prevent us from being who we were created to be: a beautiful human being, born with amazing purpose and equipped with an enormous potential to accomplish it? How about we clear mind fog, resolve confusion, UNDERSTAND THE PATH -- and become a warrior woman who is unstoppable?
      Yes, I have a program for that. And for the holidays it is only $1 to join. Learn more about it here

      7. Buy yourself something nice

      This resolution is more difficult to keep than it seems at the first glance. But it is probably the most important one to keep. Somehow, our western culture puts a guilt trip on self-nurture and self-love. This is a very, very erroneous belief.


        Again, more discussion on this in my Holistic Program, but briefly: how can you help anyone, if your own recourses are depleted? How can you know the value of a good gesture, of a nice gift, or a peasant moment if you never experience them yourself? Taking care of yourself in love, nurturing yourself and building up your God – given, God – created true self has NOTHING to do with being selfish. You can do all this, and still know and appreciate the value of helping others, and doing the same for them. Or you can deprive yourself of everything and anything, feel bitter, and (with subconscious jealousy) be bitter at all others who seem to enjoy life without deprivation. You see how it can work in reverse. There certainly needs to be a balance (which brings us back to one of the foundational principals of holistic lifestyle – BALANCE)

        But for now – buy yourself something nice. This is the quickest and the easiest way to show self-appreciation, elevate mood, and banish negativity.


        Here are a few suggestions:

        •  A nice rug. It brings a touch of affluence to any home interior. (😂And -- take it from a Jew😂😂) -- getting it cheap makes all the difference! Nobody knows the price but you -- the satisfaction of making a social statement is real, however.
        Here is a store I discovered that boasts both of quality, a breath-taking selection and way below the market prices: check it out here*
        • A good book. This, by the way, can be a New Year resolution of its own -- and has been for many people in the old times: start reading. For the afore-mentioned Natural Approach to Weight and Vitality, I keep my own bookstore, where I recommend materials which I had found helpful, and which I often use in my programs as well. And for the holidays (🎉🎉🎉) I have set many of the prices to ZERO (!) I tried to get my partners to go for it as well, but not all of them budged. Amazon, however, was on board! This is a link you may want to save, actually: I add new titles on a regular basis, as things come up


          One of the famous philosophers once said: “If you want to be happy, then – BE happy”. Read this again. Yes, it is possible. Resolve to BE HAPPY in 2021.

            Happy New Year!


          *When I give an advice or suggestion, I also feel that I need to provide the tools and/or references to accomplish it. Hence these links: they lead either to my own store or to verified and vetted affiliate partner products that I have personally used or worked with and can recommend with full confidence.

          No ads that take over everything. No rehash of common sense BS. ONLY Proprietary, seldom shared facts and to-the-point arguments